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iphone 6 power button not working after battery replacement

Thứ Tư, 2/12/2020

History. jessabethany, Hi even i hav the same problem means every thing is working fine only power button is not working can u fix it and how much for that and wer u frm, 01/26/2018 by I even tried to reconnect the LED screen cable. The only thing that seems strange is that the home button is a bit wobbly. Doing a full restore on the phone’s software can sometimes help. Customer brought it to me, the power/sleep/wake button doesn't work. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Update: There are new replacement home buttons available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus that restore home button functionality to these devices.They work by converting the current non-mechanical home button into a mechanical, clickable button. Not sure what the problem is or what the fix is, jessabethany These problems include a gray, flickering bar at the top of the display and issues with iPhone gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom and Reachability. Video step by step teach you How to fix iPhone Touch ID not working or home button not working. It is really frustrating! Martin Daimein, How much do you charge for a power button fix for a iPhone 6s. I've never heard of it before until I saw this... And the only reason I saw this was because I have a problem. Be very careful not to break them. When your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 Touch ID Not Working, you will be unable to activate touch id on this iPhone, there is a detail iPhone iPhone 6 touch ID or home button replacement solution help you repair your iPhone. I have in stock all of the components necessary for this repair, and I've fixed at least a dozen iPhone 5 pry damage phones and successfully restored the power and home button function. Hard Reset Your iPhone – when your home button is not working: You can fix the inconsistent functionality of your broken iPhone home button by giving it a hard reset. When that option is on, it just vibrates instead of turning on the screen. If it's not waking your iPhone when you flip the mute button, you need to turn OFF the "Vibrate on Silent" option. Seriously though, I'm still angry at what happened. but still when I test with new battery, … I had inadvertently bent one of the gold contacts, so the bent one appeared straight. The root cause behind most iPhone button malfunctions is pry damage. Terms — I received my replacement battery today, and after getting it installed, I immediately noticed that the power and home buttons are no longer working. No Touch ID and no return-to-home functionality. So if your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 home button is not working after screen replacement or battery replacement, you can try the following tips to get it working: 1. Hi all my phone is i phone 7 , my phone is 1 year and 4 months old so my battery discharge faster, so I order the battery in online and use YouTube to replace by myself. After I bent those pins and put it back, home button works perfectly ! After 8 seconds, release the Power Button, but continue to hold the power button (iPhone 6s or older) the volume down button (iPhone 7). Your iPhone 6's home button can suddenly stop working because of a fall or water damage. Check if the two golden pins on your dock connector are nicely 'up'. There is no backlight. Both contacts are supposed to be folded over and the contact points of each are not side by side. 5. I had the same problem that home button is not working after battery replacement. 04/07/2016 by There are 2 gold pins on the left of the home button. Reason: Without powering off the phone before replacing the screen Before battery replacement my iPhone wa properly working. I even tried to reconnect the LED screen cable. After replacing battery, home button doesn't work. Perform a Hard Restart or DFU Restore. iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. But instead of casting off the phone and getting buyer's remorse, I decided to buy a replacement battery and tools from iFixit to have a go at replacing the battery myself. While they will restore the home button functionality, they will not restore Touch ID. Still doesn't work. Unfortunately, a lot of cheap rubber cases can cause your iPhone 6 power button to get stuck. So, if you have your screen up to replace your battery, and you try to test your new battery before putting the iPhone back together you'll note that the home button does not work. It gives me low battery timing. This is a pretty common problem. Since the iPhone does not feature a battery that is user replaceable, it becomes necessary to disassemble the device while replacing the battery. Then press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Did you recently perform an iPhone 7 screen replacement? Hardware Repair for a Broken iPhone 6 Home Button . Checking Eligibility & Replacing the Faulty iPhone 5 Power Button There is no response from the phone after doing a hard reset and the phone will not respond to the mute button. Could it be I did not push enough the connectors? On an iPhone 7, press and hold the power and volume down button. Possible Causes for Your iPhone Power Button Not Working. Accessibility. These buttons are connected via push type (lego style) connectors to main board. Just rebend that curved end upwards so when you close the back to gether again it will touch its grounded location. Today, After I replaced my iPhone 5 screen the power button stop working. If you use one of these cases for your device, chances are it is blocking the button from being properly pressed. Touch ID can’t be recognized. While there isn’t always an easy fix, here are three solutions you can try to get your phone back to working order. Everything else about the phone works fine (LCD, digitizer, silent switch, vibrator, both cameras, volume buttons, Wi-Fi/etc.). That's it. Broke off small jumpers when prying battery out of iPhone. Shorting these pins will make the phone think the home button was pressed. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White. I have the exact same problem. Matthew Bromwich, Defiantly pry damage look to the right of the batter connecter you will have broken off components on the board there is a component there that controls the power button and home button. Nonetheless, it’s easy to check to see if you are eligible for the free repair service. After 8 seconds, release the Power Button, but continue to hold the power button (iPhone 6s or older) the volume down button (iPhone 7). Resolved the unresponsive power and sound buttons problem. If there's a case on your iPhone 6, it could be the reason why the power button is not working. No prying damage, nothing. Not knowing which of the four or five connectors was not properly in place, I disconnects them all and carefully pushed them back in till heard snap sound and/ it was comfortable that they are in. I used the usual suction cup method, rather than a feeler gauge (that I've been using now), with A LOT of force that might've damaged something upon opening the screen. Reset The Phone. Some of the cheap phone cases are known to cause interference with the workings of the iPhone buttons. Use a charging cable to connect your iPhone to a computer. A power button not working can be frustrating to deal with, but sometimes it is possible to fix a broken iPhone Power button. I thought it was damaged during the prying process. I have a problem with my iPhone 7. Like most device issues it comes down to hardware issues vs software. Replace the power button flex by yourself and the problem will be solved. 6. Try this, it is very likely the problem we encounter with the battery install. I ended up getting an iPhone 5s (maybe I should break phones more often?). They there and everything appears to be intact. I bent the metal pins so that it has solid contact. I feel like every post lately is about board damage, and people not being able to find anyone to fix it. Reason 1. When I put the iPhone back together the Home/touch button stopped working. I can't find out how? My iPhone just has a black screen and it doesn't even connect to my computer (not even after recharging for 30 minutes). It is extremely common for pry damage to occur during the replacement of the device battery. Not all iPhone 5 devices have a broken power button, and the the vast majority work as intended. You can see the two pins at the bottom. I know my simple 4 is OLD but it works for me. Hold down the power button and the Volume Down button at the same time. A Quick Word On iPhone Touch Disease. I changed the battery on my 5s and the first thing I noticed was the power and sound buttons became unresponsive. If this image is not working, it's How to replace your iPhone 5 battery (step 15). I noticed that there is a small contact on one side of the Home button cable, and the cable had folded in such a way that the contact was not in contact with the metal Home button cover! After about eight seconds, release the power button while continuing to hold down the Volume Down button until your iPhone appears in iTunes. You can see the two pins at the bottom. First, it’s important to determine the cause of the issue. About the power button, you probably damaged the cable somehow with disassembly. Same problem. In this case, the only way to get it working again is to have the hardware repaired. Try removing the case from your iPhone 6 and pressing the power button. If it has gradually gotten worse over time or no major iPhone life event happened before it stopped working, we may be able to fix it at home. The power button + volume cable ribbon is most likely damaged from when the … I drew it across the button so that it was folded immediately after the connector, but then it layed flat across the metal Home button cover. This tutorial will show you how to replace your iPhone 6 power/lock button, rear camera flash module, and video microphone. I am so afraid of trying to disassemble the screen without breaking it... :(, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — After checking all of the cables, everything looks normal, though. The iPhone 7 home button will only work with the original home button that it was shipped with; if it breaks and needs to be replaced, it means that replaced home button would be a non-functional home button. Damage to the edge of the board from prying up the battery on the iPhone 5 can disable the power and home button function. iPhone Home Button Not Working . Now my issue is trying to replace the screen, all videos on YouTube are of a 4S and the parts are not the same i went as far as the speaker removal and the videos got different so i closed it back together. Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. It's currently selling on eBay, Any one got an answer? On an iPhone 6s or older, press and hold the Home button and the power button. Took back off again and theres a little tab (hooked upward tab) that is under one of the 2 screws you remove to detach the battery cable/connector. Yea and how do you make the toggle mute button wake the iphone?? First of all, double check if the volume button + power button ribbon that goes under the battery at the upper part of the battery is plugged into the connector on the logic board. The Phone Case is Causing Interference with the Power Button. The Home Button on the iPhone has gone through a series of evolutions over the years. Damage to the edge of the board from prying up the battery on the iPhone 5 can disable the power and home button function. Hope this helps someone. When I had put the new button in I wasn't certain about how the cable should lay in. This is common pry damage--there is a tiny row of components that are easy to damage when prying the battery on the logic board side (a big no no). Here is what happened to me, and it may have happened to you as well. I inspected the old (original) Home cable and found that it had another fold, one that I would not have recognized if I had not had to install a new button. Changed the cable. You can get a sense of where they should be by looking at the gold circles on the underside of the screen. Broke off small jumpers when prying battery out of iPhone.. In the end, it was really caused by two bottom gold color pins not having a solid contact with home button metal contact. If you'd like me to point you to my mail-in repair service, please send me an email:, 05/10/2014 by Your iPhone power button is not working and you’re stuck in a jam. I ordered and received a new Home button after disassembling and reassembling iPhone repeatedly. Hey guys! An Engineer I adjusted the angle of the 2 home button pins a number of times, and it just wouldn't work. Similar to most complaints. I thought it was damaged during the prying process. They have to connect with the home button assembly on your screen. Its battery wa damage during charging. Has anyone found a solution yet? So, I replaced my battery. Then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts. On an iPhone 7, press and hold the power and volume down button. My local competent installer reckons the motherboard is the problem to these two issues. iPhone X is the first version of full screen iPhone, which … The only way to fix this is to replace the cable. Question: Q: Home and Power Button not working after battery change I changed the battery on my iPhone 5 tonight (it was shockingly bad compared to another iPhone5 on the household) I've changed them before on older iPhones and never had an issue; used a kit (suction etc) and all went smoothly, or so I thought. There is no apparent damage to the cable. @jessabethany, iPad Rehab--Microsoldering, Mail-in Repair, Data Recovery. On an iPhone 6s or older, press and hold the Home button and the power button. If that doesn’t work, then the next step is performing a hard restart, which is a trick you also can use when your phone won’t turn … Restore Your iPhone. Because nobody wanted to help me I decided to fix the iPhone myself, I bought a new home button without the TouchID sensor but it's still not working. Recently, there are many customers complained that their iPhone 6/7 series touch ID function was not working after changing the screen replacement, here we’ve share some possible reasons that why your touch ID is not working. Let's fix it, and talk about considerations to make sure that this repair is the right repair for your board.›iPad Rehab Website Link:—Mail in Repair Services—Data Recovery—Practical Board Repair School—Repair Industry BlogJessa’s Equipment Links: ›Charging:USB ammeter: fide MFI charging cables Anker:›Microscopy:Recommended microscope: ring for microscope: Barlow lens--to increase working distance:›Soldering:My soldering station with standard iron: soldering tool--mini hot tweezers tips for mini hot tweezer: tip for standard iron: BC2›Ultrasonic cleaning:Crest iphone sized cleaner: EC cleaning fluid:›Hot Air:My hot air station: JBC TE-1QD not available on Amazon, $1500Recommended station: Quick861dw: CODE JESSA ›Small supplies:My favorite tweezers-- favorite flux: favorite solder: tape: blue mat: board I solder on: melt alloy:›Diagnostic tools:DC Power supply: Fluke 115 point tips for multimeter: spray: Use code JESSAiPad Rehab is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate marketing program and may receive commission for orders placed through above amazon affiliate product links. In the end, it was really caused by two bottom gold color pins not having a solid contact with home button metal contact. For starters, the easiest thing you can try to fix any problem, including this one, is simply restarting your iPhone. Restore your iPhone and your home button should start working again. I'll let the new owned deal with it. I just replaced the battery and screen of my iPhone 5. @doitmyself. Is your iPhone 7 home button not working? as of my knowledge, I never touch the home button area . A general rule of thumb: If your Home button stopped working after your iPhone was physically damaged or got wet, your iPhone probably needs to be repaired—but not always. Board-level repairs on the iPhone is exactly what I do, so if you're stuck, feel free to contact me. If your iPhone speaker is broken or your iPhone speaker is muffled or won’t work during calls, the good news is that Apple does replace iPhone speakers both at the Genius Bar and through their mail-in repair service at their support website. Hi Jordan it's component damage on the motherboard from either prying on the motherboard side or you have knocked a componant off when unclipping battery there's a few just below that. How to Restart iPhone without Buttons. I know these replies/questions are year (s) old but i just replaced a battery in my Iphone 4 and got the same issue on/off button no longer worked. 1. iPhone 6 power button not working? Checked those picture of those little black boxes next to the SIM card, on the logic board. After modifying the changes, restart your iPhone again, and check if started working. Don’t worry. 1. Such an additional fold probably happened as the unit was closed because I didn't know to preclude the possibility of it folding at any particular point. After that my iPhone’s home button does not working and show the pop up “ Touch id loads to fail on this iPhone” What can I do? I noticed that the LCD display has some bleeding (not sure how to explain it). Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. If it still doesn't work, the power button is probably stuck for good. It works fine now. I replaced the battery in the iPhone 5s, which is a bit more difficult than the 5 or the 4s, but as I had read the instructions repeatedly, I knew to be very careful about the cable for the Home button. The phone does not appear to be working at all. Repair Your iPhone Speaker. iPhone touch disease refers to a series of problems that primarily affect the iPhone 6 Plus. Use our customized charging port flex cable to restore the return-to-home function of your home button. :(, I'm having a similar problem with an iPhone 5. The problem is that sometimes the damage can occur after the warranty period has lapsed, making the repair very expensive. Now, this may sound a challenging task, but it would be a worth try if it resolves the issue. I had the same problem that home button is not working after battery replacement.

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